10 apps on your iphone that you need to install

2017-04-29 Mario Dean 0

1. Wunderlist Amongst the avalanche of events and matters to do hard work without a calendar or a good organizer. At present, this feature can take over the phone. Although iPhone has the default Calendar and Reminder applications, we recommend using the Wunderlist. In our opinion, this is one of the best applications for listing things we have to do. All matters may be segregated into suitable groups, and the most important ones may be further distinguished. Another advantage of Wunderlist is its versatility, we will use the application not only on the smartphone (iOS and Android), but also tablet and computer, from the web browser. Price: Free Alternative: Remember The Milk, HQ: To Do (1,59 Euro)

The iPhone and smartphones have successfully conquered the market. They have everything a user can dream of, and if they do not have it, then surely a suitable application has already been created!

In our compilation we will present just 10 programs, which should download everyone just after unpacking the phone from the box. Of course, the Apple Store app is plenty and it's a subjective choice, we're looking forward to your types in the comments ūüôā…

“Standing” wheelchair

2017-04-24 Mario Dean 0

Toyota Motor North America has teamed up with DEKA to revive the idea of ‚Äč‚Äča mechanical iBOT wheelchair. Both companies plan to develop a completely new version of this product, which will be even better than its predecessor, and above all to cost much less.

Wheelchairs, even those motorized, are not very functional because their biggest disadvantage is that the user is constantly sitting, which limits his ability. When shopping, you can not reach for items on the higher shelf yourself, and at home, the same problem makes it difficult to prepare meals.

Its solution can be created 10 years ago iBot, a motorized wheelchair, which thanks to two sets of adjustable wheels, can float to the level of a person standing. The user then gains a much wider range of motion, since his head is at a height of about 180 cm.

IBOT developed by Independence Technology division of Johnson & Johnson, was established in cooperation with DEKA and although it was well received by professionals, its production ended in 2009 for business reasons. The truck cost as much as $ 25,000, with insurance covering only $ 5-6,000, so potential customers simply could not afford to buy such a device.…

Apple removes apps that block ads that may be dangerous to the user

2017-04-22 Mario Dean 0

Unlike Androrid, iOS has had no applications to block the ads that are displayed on the pages they visit. Recently, however, such tools also appeared on this platform. Unfortunately, their popularity became so great that they started to threaten the security of the system, so Apple decided to remove some of them from the App Store.

Ads on mobile devices are a big problem, as they not only cause more data to be consumed, but they also consume less battery power. Therefore, when the iOS finally appeared blocking applications, ads have quickly become extremely popular.

Unfortunately, what is becoming popular sooner or later may start to be exploited by hackers. Apple. It could have been this time. Apple had to remove some of the popular blocking apps from the App Store because of potential danger, as they could pose potential security risks to devices.…

Water from vending machines

2017-03-15 Mario Dean 0

In African countries, clean drinking water is still a luxury, either because it is contaminated, or it is only available from distributors where it is very salty. With the help of the Danish company Grundfos soon the inhabitants of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, will have access to fresh water at a very low price.

Thanks to the agreement between the government of this country and the company Grundfos, there will soon be four completely new water distributors in the streets of Nairobi. Every citizen, after scans of a special payment card, will be able to purchase a 20 liter water tank for half the Kenyan Shilling (about $ 1.8) and it is only 1 percent of the price for the same amount of water demanded by other sellers.

In Kenya, similar distributors have been using them for some time, but for the first time they have been used in the city center. Grundfos hopes that the concept will be used by other developing countries that install similar systems.…

Universal translator from Star Trek

2017-03-11 Mario Dean 0

In the Star Trek series, the heroes use special translators who interpret the languages ‚Äč‚Äčof other races, making it easy to communicate with them. Waverly Labs' New York startup has decided to create a similarly functioning device.

The product is called Pilot, and unlike Cortana or Google Translate offering translation capabilities from other languages, it does not need to operate an online network and function completely online, translating in real time the conversation of two people.

The technology currently only supports languages ‚Äč‚Äčspoken in Europe such as English, Spanish, French and Italian, but Waverly Labs promises that the device will soon be translated into the languages ‚Äč‚Äčspoken by East Asian and African peoples.

Of course, they will be paid additionally, unless you order a pre-sales translator on -the-pilot-smart-earpiece-language-translator / coming_soon Indiegogo, where funds are collected to start production. Pre-sales will start from May 25, and the first orders will begin in the spring.…

The world’s lightest submarine

2017-02-20 Mario Dean 0

Amateurs of underwater tours will soon be able to admire the beauty of the oceans aboard a completely new lightweight submarine called Triton 1650/3 LP. The machine will take on board three people and can descend about 500 meters deep, and thanks to the glass cabin will provide a perfect view of the surroundings.

Underwater flora and fauna can be very interesting, but the problem is that we can usually only admire it on the screen of our TV, thanks to materials recorded by professional teams. Soon to explore the subterranean depths will become much simpler, thanks to the brand new, lightest submarine in the world.

The unit called Triton 1650/3 LP measures 150 cm in height, weighs just over 4 tons and can take three people on board, one of which serves as a pilot, and the other two are passengers. The relatively small weight provides the boat with high agility and maneuverability and can be as deep as 500 meters.

Thanks to the glass dome surrounding the cabin, the passengers of the unit have a perfect view of the surrounding scenery, admiring the nearby fish and the beauty of the coral reefs.…

Autonomous auto is a priority for Tesla

2017-02-03 Mario Dean 0

Elon Musk has more and more ambitious plans for the products of Tesla Motors. The Autopilot function, which can take control of your vehicle while traveling on highways, is just the first step to a much larger plan to create a fully autonomous vehicle. Its implementation is now a priority for the company.

Several automotive concerns are already working on autonomous vehicles, assuming that this type of technology is the future of the market. In the development of its development, American Tesla Motors is also involved, which seems to be ahead of its rivals in this area.

The company has recently released Autopilot to its owners, who under certain circumstances can take control of the vehicle and run it on its own. This is naturally only the first step towards creating a fully autonomous vehicle and the head of the company Elon Musk emphasized on Twitter that for his company this is currently a priority.

Musk has stated that it increases the size of the Tesla software team, which will allow the automaker to achieve full autonomy. At present, the company is looking for experienced software engineers who would like to use their knowledge to help with this project.…

Computer in a paper case

2017-01-16 Mario Dean 0

Moment, but this computer is made of cardboard and I buy something like this please fire, and here comes the first surprise. The cardboard from which the housing was built was tested under extreme conditions and was subjected to temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Another problem is the resistance to moisture, but here also the builders solidly made up the lessons. The glue to which the layers are glued is waterproof, and if we drown the case by accident, we simply put it down for 24 hours and we pray that we are not wet in the middle. Because everything is based on cardboard, the computer simply "breathes", so the air flow is much better than in normal enclosures. Below the model specifications for 2011 with a price of $ 599.

The model has been launched for this year, but its availability is limited. In the newer case we will find the AMD Vision A8 II quad-core 2.9 GHz, larger hard drive, ATI Radeon 6650 GPU, seven-channel sound card and 8 instead of 4GB memory and Windows 7 Home.…

Amazon will help solve the murder mystery

2017-01-15 Mario Dean 0

Amazon has announced that it will make the police recordings available from the Amazon Echo speaker, which could help explain the murder mystery. The company decided that it would not fight the judiciary, concealing the privacy of the user.

After a few weeks of clashes between the US police and Amazon, Jeff Bezos decided that no longer would the privacy of users and the recordings of the Amazon Echo be made available.

I will remind you that it is a solution to the mystery of a mysterious murder a few months ago. The police hope that the Amazon Echo speaker, who was involved in the offense, may have recorded some sounds that will allow him to identify the murderer. Officials asked Amazon to make available the recordings on the servers, but the group's boss did not want to agree to that by covering the first amendment to the constitution.…

Audi resigns from supercar

2017-01-06 Mario Dean 0

The Ingolstadt Group announced a resignation from further production of the supercar. It is an electric model R8 e-tron, costing 1.1 million dollars. Auto disappeared from the offer because it caused too little interest of customers.

Tesla Motors has proven that electric cars can sell quite well. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all models produced and some electric vehicles, despite the incredible performance, do not arouse great interest of customers. We will include the Audi R8 e-tron.

The $ 1.1 million sports car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last year. And though it aroused the interest of the media, there was no way to do it. The manufacturer collected less than 100 orders and found that the sales were too small to pay for production.

However, it is impossible to say that it was not interesting car. Equipped with two electric motors that drive only the rear axle and a 92 kWh battery, it has a power of 456 hp. Audi claimed that its acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is about 4 seconds. Interestingly, it was the only R8 offered by a German manufacturer with only one axle drive. All other models have four-wheel drive.

Of course, this does not mean that the Ingolstadt company is completely abandoning its electric vehicles. The company will continue to sell the A3 e-tron hybrid version of the plug-in. He also works on next models powered by electricity, which he will present in the coming years.…