Galaxy Note 4 photos leaked to the net

2016-12-30 Mario Dean 0

Although the IFA 2014 in Berlin, where Samsung plans to officially announce the latest phablet, Galaxy Note 4 will begin on Friday, but not only its photos, but also the first video recorded on the screen.

The presentation of the Galaxy Note 4 will certainly be one of the most important events at the Samsung booth, or at least it was because the Korean giant failed to prevent leakage and the network has just taken pictures of a new product posted by the site.

The photos come from advertising materials that will promote the phone and have been made by the fair services of setting up exhibitors' stands in the exhibition halls. They are not very good quality, but you can see what the product looks like.

Much better quality is the 15 second video made by the site, which shows the working screen Galaxy Note 4.…

Lumia 950 XL on next render

2016-12-26 Mario Dean 0

In a few days, Microsoft will officially announce its latest smartphones, including the latest Lumia 950, but online sources continue to flood us with more information about them. Evleaks has just published the latest render of the upcoming Lumia 950 XL.

Render appeared on Twitter by Evan Blass, also known as Evleaks, which is a source of information on the latest products. We'll be able to see the official specs and appearance of the new model in a few days, but Blass does not want to wait that long and show it again, this time with a white back panel.

The Lumia 950 will be a larger variant of the flagship model of Microsoft engineers, with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, 3GB of RAM and a 20 megapixel camera, as well as a Snapdragon 810 processor. The smaller model will receive a 5.2-inch display, 3 GB of RAM, 20 megapixels and 5 megapixels, and a Snapdragon 808 processor.…

The JSF worm attacks the users of the most popular auction platform

2016-12-15 Mario Dean 0

The JSF worm, discovered several weeks ago by Check Point specialists, has begun to attack eBay auction platform users. Although its owners do everything to neutralize the threat, they are not able to cope with it. And that means that auctioned listings can be dangerous for users.

A few weeks ago, Check Point cyber security experts discovered a bug called JSF that poses a threat to eBay auction site users and could put them at risk of hacking. Although the portal is trying to fight it and has even prepared a special update to deal with this problem, these actions do not bring the expected results.

It should be explained here that JSF is an educational project created a few years ago by Martin Kleppe, which allows you to narrow down most JavaScript syntax to just six characters:,, (,),! And +. Check Point specialists have discovered, however, that a hacker can hide malicious code on the page by changing the standard JavaScript syntax to that used by JSF and place it in the product description field.

JSF does not use a standard character set, which allows it to hide from the XSS filters used by eBay. So if a user goes to a hacked auction page, the malicious code will launch in his browser.

The site has prepared a patch to eliminate the threat but experts say it has not produced any results and visitors to the auction site are still being attacked. Most of the dangers are focused primarily on auto-site pages, and what is interesting is that a large proportion of crafted listings belong to users of the highly-trafficked portal, so it's difficult to detect them.…