Computer in a paper case

2017-01-16 Mario Dean 0

Moment, but this computer is made of cardboard and I buy something like this please fire, and here comes the first surprise. The cardboard from which the housing was built was tested under extreme conditions and was subjected to temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Another problem is the resistance to moisture, but here also the builders solidly made up the lessons. The glue to which the layers are glued is waterproof, and if we drown the case by accident, we simply put it down for 24 hours and we pray that we are not wet in the middle. Because everything is based on cardboard, the computer simply "breathes", so the air flow is much better than in normal enclosures. Below the model specifications for 2011 with a price of $ 599.

The model has been launched for this year, but its availability is limited. In the newer case we will find the AMD Vision A8 II quad-core 2.9 GHz, larger hard drive, ATI Radeon 6650 GPU, seven-channel sound card and 8 instead of 4GB memory and Windows 7 Home.…

Amazon will help solve the murder mystery

2017-01-15 Mario Dean 0

Amazon has announced that it will make the police recordings available from the Amazon Echo speaker, which could help explain the murder mystery. The company decided that it would not fight the judiciary, concealing the privacy of the user.

After a few weeks of clashes between the US police and Amazon, Jeff Bezos decided that no longer would the privacy of users and the recordings of the Amazon Echo be made available.

I will remind you that it is a solution to the mystery of a mysterious murder a few months ago. The police hope that the Amazon Echo speaker, who was involved in the offense, may have recorded some sounds that will allow him to identify the murderer. Officials asked Amazon to make available the recordings on the servers, but the group's boss did not want to agree to that by covering the first amendment to the constitution.…

Audi resigns from supercar

2017-01-06 Mario Dean 0

The Ingolstadt Group announced a resignation from further production of the supercar. It is an electric model R8 e-tron, costing 1.1 million dollars. Auto disappeared from the offer because it caused too little interest of customers.

Tesla Motors has proven that electric cars can sell quite well. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all models produced and some electric vehicles, despite the incredible performance, do not arouse great interest of customers. We will include the Audi R8 e-tron.

The $ 1.1 million sports car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last year. And though it aroused the interest of the media, there was no way to do it. The manufacturer collected less than 100 orders and found that the sales were too small to pay for production.

However, it is impossible to say that it was not interesting car. Equipped with two electric motors that drive only the rear axle and a 92 kWh battery, it has a power of 456 hp. Audi claimed that its acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is about 4 seconds. Interestingly, it was the only R8 offered by a German manufacturer with only one axle drive. All other models have four-wheel drive.

Of course, this does not mean that the Ingolstadt company is completely abandoning its electric vehicles. The company will continue to sell the A3 e-tron hybrid version of the plug-in. He also works on next models powered by electricity, which he will present in the coming years.…

The Netherlands wants to power trains with wind energy

2017-01-01 Mario Dean 0

Many countries are increasingly willing to use renewable energy to power their transport infrastructure, as exemplified by India, which has built a solar farm near one of the airports. The Netherlands is also moving in that direction and has just announced a bold plan to supply the entire national rail network with wind power.

The Netherlands will soon join the list of countries whose entire rail system will only be powered by wind power, and plans to do so by 2018. Eneco's energy company Eneco and VIVENS in the rail transport sector will jointly implement this plan. Together they will strive to shift the electric traction grid to energy produced exclusively from renewable sources.

The plan is not as ambitious as it may have been, as wind farms already provide roughly half of the electricity consumed by trains, which carry 1.2 million passengers a day. The Dutch do not start this project from scratch.…