The world’s lightest submarine

2017-02-20 Mario Dean 0

Amateurs of underwater tours will soon be able to admire the beauty of the oceans aboard a completely new lightweight submarine called Triton 1650/3 LP. The machine will take on board three people and can descend about 500 meters deep, and thanks to the glass cabin will provide a perfect view of the surroundings.

Underwater flora and fauna can be very interesting, but the problem is that we can usually only admire it on the screen of our TV, thanks to materials recorded by professional teams. Soon to explore the subterranean depths will become much simpler, thanks to the brand new, lightest submarine in the world.

The unit called Triton 1650/3 LP measures 150 cm in height, weighs just over 4 tons and can take three people on board, one of which serves as a pilot, and the other two are passengers. The relatively small weight provides the boat with high agility and maneuverability and can be as deep as 500 meters.

Thanks to the glass dome surrounding the cabin, the passengers of the unit have a perfect view of the surrounding scenery, admiring the nearby fish and the beauty of the coral reefs.…

Autonomous auto is a priority for Tesla

2017-02-03 Mario Dean 0

Elon Musk has more and more ambitious plans for the products of Tesla Motors. The Autopilot function, which can take control of your vehicle while traveling on highways, is just the first step to a much larger plan to create a fully autonomous vehicle. Its implementation is now a priority for the company.

Several automotive concerns are already working on autonomous vehicles, assuming that this type of technology is the future of the market. In the development of its development, American Tesla Motors is also involved, which seems to be ahead of its rivals in this area.

The company has recently released Autopilot to its owners, who under certain circumstances can take control of the vehicle and run it on its own. This is naturally only the first step towards creating a fully autonomous vehicle and the head of the company Elon Musk emphasized on Twitter that for his company this is currently a priority.

Musk has stated that it increases the size of the Tesla software team, which will allow the automaker to achieve full autonomy. At present, the company is looking for experienced software engineers who would like to use their knowledge to help with this project.…