10 apps on your iphone that you need to install

2017-04-29 Mario Dean 0

1. Wunderlist Amongst the avalanche of events and matters to do hard work without a calendar or a good organizer. At present, this feature can take over the phone. Although iPhone has the default Calendar and Reminder applications, we recommend using the Wunderlist. In our opinion, this is one of the best applications for listing things we have to do. All matters may be segregated into suitable groups, and the most important ones may be further distinguished. Another advantage of Wunderlist is its versatility, we will use the application not only on the smartphone (iOS and Android), but also tablet and computer, from the web browser. Price: Free Alternative: Remember The Milk, HQ: To Do (1,59 Euro)

The iPhone and smartphones have successfully conquered the market. They have everything a user can dream of, and if they do not have it, then surely a suitable application has already been created!

In our compilation we will present just 10 programs, which should download everyone just after unpacking the phone from the box. Of course, the Apple Store app is plenty and it's a subjective choice, we're looking forward to your types in the comments 🙂…

“Standing” wheelchair

2017-04-24 Mario Dean 0

Toyota Motor North America has teamed up with DEKA to revive the idea of ​​a mechanical iBOT wheelchair. Both companies plan to develop a completely new version of this product, which will be even better than its predecessor, and above all to cost much less.

Wheelchairs, even those motorized, are not very functional because their biggest disadvantage is that the user is constantly sitting, which limits his ability. When shopping, you can not reach for items on the higher shelf yourself, and at home, the same problem makes it difficult to prepare meals.

Its solution can be created 10 years ago iBot, a motorized wheelchair, which thanks to two sets of adjustable wheels, can float to the level of a person standing. The user then gains a much wider range of motion, since his head is at a height of about 180 cm.

IBOT developed by Independence Technology division of Johnson & Johnson, was established in cooperation with DEKA and although it was well received by professionals, its production ended in 2009 for business reasons. The truck cost as much as $ 25,000, with insurance covering only $ 5-6,000, so potential customers simply could not afford to buy such a device.…

Apple removes apps that block ads that may be dangerous to the user

2017-04-22 Mario Dean 0

Unlike Androrid, iOS has had no applications to block the ads that are displayed on the pages they visit. Recently, however, such tools also appeared on this platform. Unfortunately, their popularity became so great that they started to threaten the security of the system, so Apple decided to remove some of them from the App Store.

Ads on mobile devices are a big problem, as they not only cause more data to be consumed, but they also consume less battery power. Therefore, when the iOS finally appeared blocking applications, ads have quickly become extremely popular.

Unfortunately, what is becoming popular sooner or later may start to be exploited by hackers. Apple. It could have been this time. Apple had to remove some of the popular blocking apps from the App Store because of potential danger, as they could pose potential security risks to devices.…