Computer in a paper case

Moment, but this computer is made of cardboard and I buy something like this please fire, and here comes the first surprise. The cardboard from which the housing was built was tested under extreme conditions and was subjected to temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Another problem is the resistance to moisture, but here also the builders solidly made up the lessons. The glue to which the layers are glued is waterproof, and if we drown the case by accident, we simply put it down for 24 hours and we pray that we are not wet in the middle. Because everything is based on cardboard, the computer simply "breathes", so the air flow is much better than in normal enclosures. Below the model specifications for 2011 with a price of $ 599.

The model has been launched for this year, but its availability is limited. In the newer case we will find the AMD Vision A8 II quad-core 2.9 GHz, larger hard drive, ATI Radeon 6650 GPU, seven-channel sound card and 8 instead of 4GB memory and Windows 7 Home.

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