Double water cooling from ID

It is not uncommon for some manufacturer of a cooling system to prepare a set that simultaneously cools the processor and graphics card. However, this was done by ID-Cooling, which developed the Hunter Duet Integrated AIO that supports both components.

The new ID-Cooling product is definitely more convenient because you do not have to install two independent CPU cooling systems and a powerful graphics card. Here it has everything integrated in one kit that handles both tasks.

The product consists of a 240 mm heat sink with two 120 mm fans, a water block with an integrated processor pump, and the same graphics card. In addition, the graphics card block features a 90 mm fan to improve heat dissipation efficiency. The 120 mm coolers on the radiator are SF-12025 models operating at speeds from 800 to RPM and providing a throughput of 84.5 CFM. However, we do not know what parameters are 90 mm windmill.

All three components are connected to each other by three cables going to the cooler: two of them are 250 mm in diameter and the third cable coming back from the cooler to the graphics card is 380 mm long. Of course, for greater security, they were covered with rubber.

The processor block supports the LGA2011, LGA1150, AMD's FM2 + and AM3 + cradles. The graphics card block has mounting holes 58.4 x 58.4 mm, 53.3 x 53.3 mm and 51.0 x 61.0 mm and fits most graphics cards. It is worth to check its compatibility before buying.

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