The unexpected pandemic with its’ devastating consequences for communities and economies has upended plans and tested assumptions. While we are yet to see how the post Covid world shapes, a holistic response is needed for viewing energy, society,

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Mujtaba Haider Khan is the CEO for bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Limited, the largest industrial solar solutions provider in Pakistan.

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    The government should arrange bank financing for users to install solar power plants at residential, commercial and industrial level, suggested CEO bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Inam-ur-Rahman, here on Monday.

    The chief executive officer of the bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy has said the solar power is the ultimate solution for producing cheap electricity to reduce the high costs of power generation and distribution.

    KARACHI: Following the change in technology dynamics, the cellular business sector has come up with a new concept for IT towers. So far more than 10 companies have acquired licences for tower business,

    KARACHI: ‘Distributed’ power generation, a befitting response to infrastructure deficit and high energy cost, is gaining popularity in Pakistan’s industrial and commercial setups as it entails production near the consumers

    Your Solar Plant investment is designed to create cost and energy efficiencies for you, so ensuring that they outstrip their potential is essential. The bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) SPARK application is a remote energy monitoring system that allows you to keep an eye on your plant, notifies you in case the output wavers, and helps you optimize your system performance.

    When choosing the best battery option for solar and storage in Commercial and Industrial solutions, there are a few important factors to consider. Let’s evaluate each in detail

    Karachi, Pakistan – bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Limited today will celebrate the completion of the 10 MW captive Solar Power Project for Eni, through its’ subsidiary Eni New Energy Pakistan, at Bhit, Sindh. The Solar Photovoltaic Plant will free up the gas used in self-generation whilst optimizing operational costs.

    Karachi, Pakistan – bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Limited today announced the Commissioning of its latest 12.5 MW captive Solar Power Project at Fauji Cement Company Limited (FCCL) in Jhang Bahtar, Punjab. The proposed move is a key step in commercializing a unit in order to achieve a lower cost of electricity.

    Rawalpindi– bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Limited today announced its latest project at Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited, Rawalpindi. The 1-Megawatt solar installation will provide considerable savings in energy-costs, along with an expected reduction of 970 tonnes in annual carbon emissions.

    Islamkot, Wednesday, February 21, 2018 – With an aim to limit Carbon emissions and, thereby, help protect the environment, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) and bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Ltd entered an agreement to install 5MWs Solar Power plant at Thar Coal Block II.

    Karachi– bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Limited today announced its latest project at Service Industries Limited (SIL). The 1000 kW solar energy system will provide considerable savings in energy-costs, along with an expected reduction of 517 tonnes in the annual carbon-emissions. The on-grid solar plant shall also sell excess energy to the grid during downtime.


    The Travelogue explores the energy challenges, aspirations, shortcuts and solutions adopted by businesses, and individuals alike in both rural/urban set-ups to meet their energy needs. The Travelogue also highlighted an accelerated trend towards renewable energy adoption.

    The journey across Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan was made in collaboration with the Biker Girl of Pakistan. View More

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