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bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) launches 1 MW Solar project at Service Shoe Industries

bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) and SECMC ink agreement to install 5MW Solar Power Plant to reduce carbon footprint

Karachi– bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Limited today announced its latest project at Service Industries Limited (SIL). The 1000 kW solar energy system will provide considerable savings in energy-costs, along with an expected reduction of 517 tonnes in the annual carbon-emissions. The on-grid solar plant shall also sell excess energy to the grid during downtime.

A formal inauguration ceremony for this eco-friendly project was held at the factory premises of Service Industries at Muridke, near Lahore. It was attended by the CEO of SIL – Mr. Omar Saeed and the Ambassador of Germany – Mr. Martin Kobler, accompanied by Mr. Jurgen Colsch – the CEO of Caprice – a footwear company from Poland.

The CEO of SIL – Mr. Omar Saeed said; “The 1000 kW solar energy system will provide considerable reduction in energy-costs and carbon-emissions. We hope that this initiative creates awareness about environment-protection among the entrepreneurs, to bring a change in the mindset of the export-industries of Pakistan.”

He further added “SIL is a leading manufacturer of footwear – Servis Shoes. It is also one of the pioneering companies in the country, leading the way towards energy-efficiency and conservation. Pakistan enjoys a geo-strategic advantage for producing abundant amounts of solar energy. Hence, solar technology can save millions of dollars for the country’s economic growth, while also offering various ecological benefits”.  

The CEO of bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Ltd. – Mujtaba Haider Khan commented that: “Pakistan is one of the top 10 countries, worst affected by climate change. Eco-friendly initiatives by local manufacturers can slow-down the climate-change process. This initiative is a wonderful opportunity for SIL’s management and employees to be a part of a change that is so essential for sustainable growth of our nation.”

The German Ambassador – Martin Kobler stated that: The relations between Pakistan and Germany go far beyond business engagements. This project will contribute to the well-being of the global population, by protecting the Earth’s environment. Solar technology has revolutionized the energy sector in Germany and will hopefully become a game-changer in Pakistan too. Thank you for creating a sustainable vision for Pakistan and protecting the world’s ecology.

bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) Energy Limited specializes in solar-projects and alternate-energy technologies, as part of the energy portfolio of Dawood Hercules Group – the single largest private energy contributor in Pakistan’s Power-generation sector, adding approximately 1800 MW of energy to the grid. bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) specializes in solar PV solutions for medium, large and mega-scale, commercial and industrial organizations, to make them more profitable and energy independent. 



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