liberty textile

Project highlights
client: Liberty Textiles
location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
sector: Textile
solar power project: 6.56 MW
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Liberty Textiles Mills opted for solar to reduce the load on PV gensets and ensure uninterrupted energy supply. The business signed up for a 1.3 MW plant with bob电竞抽注入口新版v9.3(bob电竞现场季节平台) in 2018 at its facility in Karachi. The project was commissioned in June 2019 and created roughly 40 semi-skilled jobs. It is expected to produce 2083 MWh of energy annually offsetting carbon emissions by 1281 tonnes.

The site at Liberty also houses a 21kW outdoor photovoltaic (PV) testing station to test modules of various technologies and system performance under varied weather conditions. The simulated testing site is used to determine long term performance of modules and system reliability.


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